SAP EWM implemented by IT experts: customized and from a single source

SAP connection without additional programming

The lift module trays are controlled using the LOGIDRIVER option – a standardized PLC interface from SSI SCHAEFER – directly from the existing SAP-ERP system with the integrated SAP WM (Warehouse Management) module. The integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) from SSI SCHAEFER controls all drives via frequency control, monitors the stored goods, and ensures the safe operation of the SSI LOGIMAT®.

The lift modules are operated using an intuitive 17" TOUCH PANEL positioned in the center, and the SAP interface means that employees are working with a system that is familiar. When retrieving the small parts that have been prepared, they are guided by the LOGIPOINTER, which clearly identifies the picking compartment using a laser pointer.

All things considered, the use of the lift module solution from SSI SCHAEFER has allowed VBH to successfully strip down the conventional static racks completely, which has saved roughly 1900 m2 of space including traffic areas. The storage and picking of 4,600 small parts in the compact SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules, which equates to roughly 30 percent of the entire range of parts in stock, only takes up an area of roughly 150 m².