SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module – Key system figures from QuantiParts B.V.

Warehouse area

52 mof horizontal space




4.150 mm/14.000 mm 

Number of trays

506: 2 x lift modules with 159 trays, 2 x lift modules with 94 trays

Storage locations


Additional components

  • LOGIPOINTER: Optical indication of the picking compartment using a laser pointer

  • LOGITILT: Tilting mechanism of the tray for ergonomic operation

  • LOGIWORK: Adjustable, operator-specific tray output height for optimizing the ergonomics

  • LOGIFIRE: If the fire alarm sounds, the current movement is finished and the elevator moves to the lowest position.

Software solution

Standard control (PLC) with customized interface for connection to the customer's ERP system