The spare parts and components handled on a daily basis (approx. 300 items) are delivered to quality control, or are taken directly to the assembly area or warehouse, depending on the requirements. A goods-in transaction and a transport order are generated via SAP ERP for those small parts that are delivered to the warehouse. The goods are then transported to a SSI LOGIMAT® for storage with the accompanying documentation.

If an assembly order is planned and recorded in the ERP system, a picking order with a barcode is generated and provided to the employees. The barcode is then read by the barcode scanner on the SSI LOGIMAT®. The required components are now provided by the SSI LOGIMAT®, and every time an item is removed, the process is acknowledged using the LOGIBAR. The lift system needs to generate the retrieval process for the small parts in ascending order by storage location and SSI LOGIMAT® to ensure efficient picking.

Once picking of the small parts is complete, the components, which are gathered on a carousel carrier are sent for removal in the relevant area and then delivered to the defined assembly address for installation.