Real estate sustainability and green building are two priorities for us. At SSI SCHAEFER these aspects are known as Green Logistics. You receive building certifications with internationally recognized seals of quality for sustainability and energy-efficient construction from SSI SCHAEFER. Upon request, our experts certify the buildings to DGNB, LEED or BREEAM standards.

Depending on the technology used in a logistics building, electricity is needed to power work stations, ground conveyors, and other equipment, or also to cool the halls. In addition, areas for the infrastructure such as transformer stations for central and decentral charging points  also have to be set up. An effective energy concept can contribute to good logistics and construction planning and compensate for part of the electricity costs. In keeping with the principle “as much as necessary, as little as possible”, battery charging concepts or energy-optimized operation of the logistics equipment can provide considerable savings potential.

Compact goods storage follows the same aim: maximizing the storage density of the existing storage area can increase the storage capacity by more than 90%, or  reduce the surface area used by 40%. Operators benefit from this because both the greatest storage quantity and the reduced construction volume, along with lower building and cooling costs, will counterbalance the constant energy consumption of a temperature-controlled storage facility.