AGVs for Large Load Carriers

Autonomously operating transport systems make material flows more efficient and powerful. This makes AGVs an important part of the value chain. For perfect integration into the warehouse organization, automated guided vehicles can be customized for different applications and areas of use.


AGVs for Large Load Carriers

Transporting Large Load Carriers with AGVs - SSI Heavy Load AGVs

Autonomously operating transport systems make material flows more efficient and powerful. This makes AGVs an important part of the value chain.
For perfect integration into the warehouse organization, automated guided vehicles can be customized for different applications and areas of use.

For large load carriers such as pallets, roller containers, mesh boxes or large plastic boxes, you can consider various automated guided vehicle systems with a forklift or different conveyor elements.

The determination of the appropriate AGV solution accounts for a variety of framework conditions and factors, including

  • Load carrier

  • Weight

  • Transport task

  • Warehouse environment

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With our strategic partner DS AUTOMOTION, we offer a broad portfolio of automated guided vehicles for large load carriers and cover typical market requirements.
The range of services offered thanks to the collaboration between DS AUTOMOTION and SSI SCHAEFER will increase on account of another partnership with the specialist Rocla.

The solution expertise consists of:

  • Lift Truck

  • Platform AGV

  • AGVs for heavy loads

  • AGVs for the automation of assembly lines

Our SSI Heavy Load AGVs for Large Load Carriers can be classified based on the functions listed below

AGV Low Lifter

The AGV function group of Low Lifters includes all vehicles that can move large load carriers between transfer stations near the ground. The load is picked up with a fork equipped with load and steering rollers. The lifting tines can be adjusted in height up to 200 mm parallel to the ground, so that the load carriers can be raised or lowered accordingly.

AGV High Lifter

AGVs from the High Lifter family have a limited lifting height of up to 8.5 meters and allow pallets to be picked up and placed on transfer stations at low heights. In warehouses with low to normal goods turnover, they are an economical solution for handling Euro pallets and mesh boxes between the floor and conveying system or low pallet racks.

AGV Reach Truck

The AGV function group of Reach Trucks comprises all vehicle types that allow for the handling of heavy loads at great heights (up to 10 m). To pick up the load, the mast is pushed forward so that the fork lies freely in front of the vehicle and can be lowered to the ground. However, the load is transported inside the wheel arms when the mast is retracted, which improves driving stability and reduces the need for a counterweight.

AGV Counterbalance

The vehicles in the Counterbalance function group are defined by the counterweight integrated into the vehicle. The weight of the forklift acts as a counterweight to the load. The vehicles are ideally suited for picking up large load carriers. Thanks to their equipment with free forklift tines, the requirements for the transfer places of the counterbalance forklifts are manageable.

AGV Very-Narrow-Aisle (VNA)

The vehicles in the Very Narrow Aisle category were specially developed for use in warehouses with narrow aisles. A narrow-aisle warehouse is particularly suitable for achieving high storage space utilization. This also results in special requirements for AGVs used in this environment. For example, forklifts have no room to maneuver in a warehouse with narrow aisles due to the greatly reduced aisle width. This is why the autonomously navigating narrow-aisle forklift is designed with either a fork that can be rotated 180 degrees to the conveying direction as well as extended and retracted laterally, or a lifting table.

AGV Platform

Platform AGVs are ideal for the internal transport of trolleys, small bins or shelves. The compact load is picked up by driving underneath and then lifting the load carriers using the vehicle’s own lifting function. The vehicles impress with the highest level of safety for people and maximum area mobility, i.e. they can travel in every conceivable direction.

AGV Conveyor Deck

The AGVs in the Conveyor Deck category are AGV systems equipped with chain, roller or special conveyors. They enable a quick transfer of pallets to permanently installed conveyor lines. This makes transports between two transfer stations quick and easy. In order to include different conveyor heights, these AGVs can be equipped either with or without a lifting function.

AGV Multiple Pallet

These are AGVs that can transport several loading units or pallets per transport operation. These vehicles can either use forks to pick up several load carriers on top of each other or side by side, or the design of the conveyor deck allows for several load handling devices side by side or one behind the other. These in turn can be equipped with chain or roller conveyors.

AGV Lift & Carry

The compact AGVs in the Lift & Carry category are equipped with a project-specific load handling device. They are designed for the transport of small, compact loads, such as stacks of small load carriers on trolleys, small shelves or mesh boxes. Typically, the Lift & Carry AGVs are used in production if the finished production batch is to be transported to the shipping department in the form of stacked small load carriers on roller boards.

AGV Picking

AGVs, which are assigned to the function group of Picking, automate material transports within the picking process. Automated Guided Vehicles enable the autonomous exchange of load carriers and prioritize orders by connecting them to intelligent IT systems. In this way, the AGVs ensure optimized routes. The vehicles are used according to the person-to-goods principle, supporting both ergonomic case picking and multi-order picking.

AGV Heavy Duty

When it comes to transporting heavy loads within the company, the vehicles in the Heavy Duty category are the ideal solution. They enable the transport of particularly heavy, shapeless loading units, some of which can change position during the process. They can move loads of up to 50 tons indoors. The transport vehicles are also characterized by maximum flexibility in terms of equipment. In the heavy load area, they can be equipped with lifting tables, roller conveyors or special load handling devices such as clamps or pliers.

AGV Assembly Line

The assembly line vehicles enable the automation of processes within production logistics – from the chain of production steps to matrix production.

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