Case conveying systems

Our case conveying systems are efficient solutions for transporting various packaging units. Whether containers, cartons, or trays, the case conveying solution can transport them all without any additional load carriers.

Conveyor technology

Efficiently transporting containers, cartons, & trays

With their standard components, SSI SCHAEFER’s case conveying systems are designed to transport containers and cartons along with shrink wrap packaged products such as dry foodstuffs for the retail industry. Components with diverse functions such as merging, diverting, aligning, and singling are available to create your individual system.

Customized solutions

The components can be configured and linked to create the most efficient conveying system for the specific processes and products. These components form the basis for planning the conveying system. They are so versatile in terms of their technology, functionality, and flexibility that they can be configured to meet all your requirements. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) such as our WEASEL® are also an optional element of the solution.

Efficient transport of containers, cartons and trays

  • Efficient transportation of containers, cartons, and trays: Payload from 0.5 kg to 25 kg/case

  • Highly flexible due to modular, standardized components

  • Systems can be expanded as needed

  • Perfectly coordinated components

  • In addition to common standard containers, the system can also transport customized containers

  • Tracking of individual products even without barcodes or RFID

  • Low noise emissions

  • Case conveying system components can be used in a temperature range from -28°C to +45°C

  • Easy maintenance

  • Ongoing development and updates to components

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