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Quality, hygiene and fast delivery - these are just some of the requirements that cold chain logistics must meet. And today more than ever: the demand for frozen food is growing. What does this mean for your logistics and growth? How can you increase storage capacity and boost productivity despite a shortage of skilled workers? How can energy be saved and operating costs reduced? In short, what does the frozen food warehouse of the future look like?

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You know it best yourself: In times of online retailing and increasing product diversity, conventional block warehouses are increasingly reaching their limits. For efficient and economical deep-freeze logistics, it is important to optimize the typical weak points in the long term:

  • The warehouses are too small and do not offer enough space for the growing product demand.

  • There are too few skilled workers who can and want to work in the stressful environment at freezing temperatures.

  • The high energy demand is not only unsustainable, but also one of the biggest cost drivers - with a strong upward trend.

  • Productivity pressure is growing - storage, conveying, transport and order picking can hardly be handled manually in a short time.

One thing is clear: major logistical challenges require masterful intralogistics. And we at SSI SCHAEFER accomplish them day after day.

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Staying cool - our solutions for your success

The most important factor in deep-freeze logistics? The timely provision of the goods. And in compliance with the highest quality and safety criteria - an uninterrupted cold chain must be guaranteed, as must constant product traceability.

In view of supply chain problems and changing consumer behavior, a pure just-in-time method is no longer appropriate here. There is no way around modular and automated logistics systems. These not only ensure smooth processes in the complex deep-freeze warehouse, but also enable you to save costs at the crucial points.

At SSI SCHAEFER, we implement warehouse solutions tailored to your needs. Whether manual, partially or fully automated - together we will make your deep-freeze logistics fit for the future!

Less is more: cost savings through compaction

Did you know that multiple-deep storage can save up to 60 percent space? Automated or optimized manual warehouses allow goods to be stored in a particularly compact manner. This not only plays a role when renting new space is not an option. In new buildings in particular, attention should be paid to optimal space utilization in order to increase throughput and keep costs as low as possible at the same time.

In addition to the classic storage and retrieval systems for pallets and containers, SSI SCHAEFER offers a comprehensive range of shuttle systems as well as mobile racking systems and channel storage solutions. Our modular conventional and automated solutions guarantee you maximum flexibility - for every requirement, every product range and every storage space.

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Safe, fast, and economical: automation in the cold store

Automated logistics solutions have enormous savings potential: processes can be accelerated and, if required, even a constant 24/7 material flow can be realized. In addition, less personnel is needed - which is hard to find on the current labor market anyway. Risk minimization compared to the manual system is also an advantage: Condensation caused by many people in the deep-freeze warehouse, as well as frequent touching of goods, leads to more product waste.

Real-time inventory management, smart decisions in order processing, monitoring of all safety requirements in the cold storage warehouse - our powerful Warehouse Management Software (WMS) makes it possible! With SSI SCHAEFER, you benefit today from the technologies of tomorrow.

Automatically efficient: Reduce your energy costs

Maximum warehouse capacity on the smallest possible area to be cooled - this is one of the basic ideas of our modern intralogistics systems. After all, if a refrigerated warehouse is built in height instead of width, operating costs can be significantly reduced.
Modern refrigeration systems also impress with their particularly high energy efficiency. Thanks to perfectly insulated double-door airlocks, for example, the cold air stays in the building while warm air and moisture are excluded.

Take advantage of the potential of an automated deep-freeze warehouse: Invest in sustainable, future-proof solutions and save up to 30 percent of your energy costs!

Semi- or fully automated? Together we will find the best solution for your deep-freeze logistics - customized and optimized exactly according to your needs. Contact us!

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Good reasons for SSI SCHAEFER

Why we are exactly the right people to take your frozen logistics to the next level? Because as the world market leader in intralogistics, we know exactly what we are doing. We stand for customized, scalable solutions and accompany you from planning to implementation and beyond. At SSI SCHAEFER, you get everything from a single source!

Would you like to see for yourself? In our case studies, you can find out what a successful collaboration with us can look like.

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Logistics solutions that really suit you

We know from experience that a successful cold chain logistics strategy does not fit into any scheme. It depends on your individual requirements and needs first of all a precise needs analysis. Does a new building make sense or is it worth upgrading your existing cold storage facility? Which temperature-controlled fulfillment solutions are available at all? How do you implement warehouse management software?

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