Pursuing future prospects

Pallet Racking with fork lift truck

Space-saving storage of palletized goods

Unstructured material flow has a negative impact on performance. The volume is also difficult to calculate. This makes it all the more important to have a scalable warehouse solution that can adapt to growing requirements. Save space with a flexible pallet racking system. Systematically equipped for future expansion.

Vision: Consistently pursuing future prospects


✓ Storage and handling of varying goods and quantities on euro pallets
✓ More process reliability and clarity in the warehouse

If there are no racks to store palletized goods, companies must rely on block storage on the warehouse floor. Pallets are set down anywhere there is space. Correspondingly, the search effort when processing an order is high. Your staff might make mistakes, delaying overall order processing.

To secure and further expand your attained market position, you have defined the objective to restructure the logistics processes and make full use of the height in existing halls. At the same time, you plan to make room to process emerging new business models that go hand in hand with changes in the warehousing structures.

Pallet Racking with fork lift truck

Stable racks for heavy loads


✓ Scalable pallet rack systems

• Pallet racks for storing large quantities of palletized, generally similar items as well as a large number of containers with different dimensions and weights
• Clarity thanks to well-organized labeling
• Easy access with ground conveyors or storage retrieval machines

Rack systems for large load carriers or static storage of pallets and mesh boxes are especially advantageous if they are primarily moved for loading, unloading and relocation. They increase the storage capacity in the vertical direction, freeing up space for other production tasks.

• Sizes are tailored precisely to your requirements profile
• Maximum safety standard
• No material fatigue despite permanent load
• A variety of accessories

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Pallet Rack PR 600


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