Successive partial automation

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Successive warehouse automation: Partially or fully automated warehouse

Your company shows a highly dynamic development. By no means must automation be a limiting factor. Goods-to-person: Semi-automated warehousing and order picking solutions.  Flexibly positioned at all times, even with automated system components.

Vision: Successive semi-automation


✓ Increase picking performance
✓ Improve overall performance
✓ Create storage space without making structural changes

The rising share of online business is one of the contributing factors. The growing volumes are not the only thing that needs to be overcome. At the same time, the increased demands of your customers require a higher degree of delivery quality and adherence to delivery schedules.

Is your previous strategy of stocking small parts, e.g. in shelving systems, and picking them manually now failing to meet these challenges? Your staff is under an increased amount of strain due to the long walking distances. At the same time, use of the hall space has been fully exhausted. So the question arises as to what degree partially automated processes can be used to reduce cycle times without sacrificing staff and the flexibility you are looking for.

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Intelligent storage of small parts


✓ Individual semi-automation
✓ Vertical lift modules
✓ Mobile racks
✓ Automated guided vehicles

• SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module – Warehouse and picking application in one system
• Mobile racks for pallets and long goods as well as small load carriers
• WEASEL® - The automated guided vehicle (AGV) system, offering collegial support to your staff by relieving them of the need to walk long distances

Scalable warehouse solutions designed for increased dynamics make a decisive contribution to relieving your staff of unproductive activities and increasing the quality in the processes. Both the mobile rack systems from SSI SCHAEFER and the SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module are designed to take up less space compared to static applications, while significantly increasing warehouse capacity at the same time. Work steps and travel time can be reduced with WEASEL®. In contrast to a conveying system, the transport system is quick and easy to install. All you have to do is attach guide strips to the floor and off you go!

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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT® for small parts storage and picking

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