Returnable logistics

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Efficient and resource-saving storage through reusable logistics

Not every packaging is suitable all around for warehouse, picking and transport tasks. Returnable logistics is the answer! Using a container system that suits all of your requirements will save not only time and money but also valuable resources.

Vision: Returnable logistics


✓ Avoid having to repack
✓ Goods, conserve and save resources

• In some cases, you have no choice but to repeatedly put extra effort into repacking goods into other containers that meet the requirements
• This kind of effort can occur from goods-in to production to goods-out
• Poor stacking safety is another shortcoming of different containers/cartons

Inefficient processes may also require added effort from your staff, resulting in additional costs for your company.

• Need for more staff despite reduced productivity
• Increased risk of work accidents in handling and transport

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Euro size container


✓ Stacking containers
✓ Trays

• A container for every operating task in storage, picking and transport
• Optimal degree of volume utilization thanks to euro pallet sizes
• Flexibly suited for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic handling in the workshop, warehouse and operations

Additional advantages on the operation level result from other bespoke container features:

• From light loads to heavier content loads such as 70 kg, stacking loads up to 600 kg
• Stackability thanks to the euro dimension
• Product protection and increased work safety

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Euro dimension container


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Small parts storage

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Efficient transport

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Individual solutions

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