Customized Solution for Absolute Sequence

ASKO OSLOFJORD AS addresses future capacity problems proactively and relies on high-level automation in the new distribution center – always with a clear focus on sustainability.

New standard in sustainability

As a general contractor, SSI SCHAEFER is responsible for developing the logistics concept, the design planning, and the construction of the turn-key installation for the retail company ASKO. The overall project includes a comprehensive infrastructure with material flow management, visualization, and a warehouse management system.

Both, ASKO and SSI SCHAEFER realize the responsibility tied to every large project not only in terms of well-build operations and product quality but also sustainability. Intralogistics works with a wide spectrum of areas and therefore can introduce sustainability in many different ways. Therefore, SSI SCHAEFER is offering and providing an extensive range of economical and resource-friendly solutions, based on innovative technology.

If you want to know in detail how SSI SCHAEFER approached this challenge, please download the case study below. Don't hesitate to get in contact with our experts to find out more and discuss further relevant topics.


Explore the overall solution implemented for ASKO. Download the Case Study today!

Download the Case Study today!

“ASKO anticipated a future capacity problem with only two possible solutions: either to extend the existing building or to relocate. We simply would not be able to keep up with the expected growth in the current location. We also did not want to just build a larger manual warehouse as we see that automation is an investment in the future.”

Knut-Andreas Kran
Knut-Andreas Kran

Highly automated distribution center with different temperature zones

The highly automated distribution center is split into two different temperature zones: ambient and frozen with 28,700 overall pallet storage locations, highly efficient cross-dock and consolidation areas. The SSI Case Picking solution ensures the automated compilation of store-friendly pallets.

With the number of different functional areas on the premises, a wide range of pallet and bin conveying systems link them to each other and to the 6-level shipping buffer. The material flow between the areas as well and stock and order management is coordinated by WAMAS, logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER. Thanks to WAMAS capacity utilization can be tracked and optimized at any time.

Take a look at our case study to view the sustainable logistics solution for ASKO OSLOFJORD. To learn more, download the case study or reach out to one of our pharmaceutical fulfillment experts. We’d be happy to help with your automated warehouse project too.

Highlights of the Solutions

Depalletizing Robot at Schaeffler

SSI Case Picking

SSI Flexi Shuttle

SSI Flexi

SSI Exyz

SSI Exyz

Pallet Conveying System at Schaeffler

Pallet Conveying System

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