Intelligent control of an increasing variety of items

The greatest challenge is the various sizes and types of items offered. The oversized packages that are typical in furniture retail required a clever solution for efficient processing in the distribution center. JYSK uses custom big box steel pallets which allow safe transportation of particularly large and heavy items. The key feature is the 32 energy-efficient Exyz storage-retrieval machines in the four high-bay warehouses. These machines can either take up two Euro pallets simultaneously or one big box pallet, and can then safely store and retrieve them. Combined with the highly dynamic miniloads, this is the perfect solution for JYSK. The miniloads, were expanded to include six additional aisles with state-of-the-art Schäfer Miniload Cranes and 15,000 storage locations.

The working environment and the well-being of the employees played an important role in the planning. This is why ergonomic picking work stations based on the goods-to-person principle are used at the distribution center in Uldum with the support of a Pick by Light system. This is especially important for large and heavy pieces of furniture. Thanks to optimally adjusted gripping sequences and internal processes, an above-average picking performance is achieved.

WAMAS®, the logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER, comprehensively manages and controls all of the processes integrated in the intralogistics.