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A new distribution center implements technology to ensure accuracy and lower labor cost

Howto asure 100% accuracy with robotic picking

No other industry comes close when it comes to regulatory oversight and procedures, and rightfully so. The pharmaceutical industry whether it’s manufacturing or pharmacy retail, patient safety is the number one priority.

However, this creates some challenges on a global level. Prescription drugs are manufactured using raw materials that are found throughout the world. These ingredients must be tracked throughout the supply chain, manufacturing process, and finally, the distribution and fulfillment of products. The later, has now seen new regulatory procedures within the United States and certain countries within the E.U. also follow strict guidelines. Given the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution happen at a global level, these regulatory guidelines must be implemented.

Pharmaceutical distribution requires adherence to the above methods, but also needs additional material handling processes to ensure 100 percent accuracy. Picking robots, A-Frame picking, and track and trace scan data capture technology all ensure order accuracy.

Case Study North American Retail Pharmacy

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The automated design is the most efficient solution for the prescriptions and narcotics areas with the highest possible automation technology. This solution utilizes labor resources efficiently while ensuring 100 % verification.

Saif Sabti
VP Strategy & Business Development, SSI SCHAEFER
Saif Sabti
VP Strategy & Business Development, SSI SCHAEFER

A Holistic Automated Warehouse Solution with Complete Order Verification

Warehouse automation can solve order accuracy and implement for tracking processes. However, a warehouse automation can also lower costs by saving on labor. Automated picking can be used to either supplement labor during peak season volume or replace it with solutions like robotic picking or A-Frame picking for fast movers.
This case study takes a deep dive into a leading pharmacy retail chain that needed to meet new regulatory guidelines. Faced with low unemployment rates, this drug store chain opted to build a complete greenfield facility to meet order accuracy, handle warehouse picking, and maintain secure storage for schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances. This type of warehouse automation takes the guesswork out of material handling processes and puts safety and profits at the forefront.
Take a look below to view the picking solutions, order verification, and automated storage solutions that were designed into this project. To learn more, download the case study or reach out to one of our ASRS pharmaceutical fulfillment experts. We’d be happy to help with your automated warehouse project too.

Highlights of the Solution

A-Frame Picking System



SSI Piece Picking – Next-Generation Picking Robots

Order Verifier

Product Identification

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

SSI Cuby

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