Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation” refers to the use of digital tools and technologies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation” refers to the use of digital tools and technologies. This creates major challenges for companies while also offering incredible opportunities that need to be seized. This is the most effective way of maintaining and increasing a company’s success over the long term. At SSI SCHAEFER, we understand the essential aspects of your industry and can assist you on your journey into the digital age.

How do you translate the future?

Digital transformation has long become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Everyone is talking about “digital transformation”. Yet there are many different interpretations of this concept and its application in the real world. Some are talking about a platform economy, others are talking about Industry 4.0, while yet others are focused on the digital factory.

Digital transformation, also in terms of logistics, essentially describes a progressive change process triggered by digital tools and technologies. This change process affects both society and companies. As a consequence, its influence extends to almost every area of our lives. For companies, this means that new digital technologies are not only seeing increasing use. It also means that revolutionary digital business models are emerging. These, in turn, create a completely new range of opportunities.

In the past digitalization primarily focused on general company processes such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The digitalization of production processes was also another focal aspect. In contrast, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a true digital transformation is only possible when the warehouse equipment as well as the internal material and goods flows are adapted to the progressive digitalization. That is why “intralogistics” represents a key technology and plays a fundamental role in enabling a successful and comprehensive digital transformation.

… to identify the critical role that intralogistics will play in our increasingly digitalized world. In contrast to pure automation and software specialists, we have consistently adapted every component of the intralogistics chain to digitalization from the outset. As a consequence, we have extensive expertise in classical rack design, automation and logistics software along with the connection of the intralogistics to the company's other IT systems (ERP, CRM). The result is a system that is unique throughout the industry.

Digitalization has given rise to entirely new business scenarios. These are becoming increasingly prevalent and demand enormous flexibility when dealing with customers, manufacturing products and also in terms of the logistics. Conventional warehouse and automation technology is no longer up to the task of handling this challenge. Instead, this demands state-of-the-art logistics software that needs to be precisely configured to harmonize with the other components and provide the necessary dynamic responsiveness.

As the world’s leading intralogistics experts, we offer our customers a total package consisting of software and hardware solutions that is completely tailored to their company’s needs. Our company develops this complete package with all of the products and systems entirely in-house. In doing so, we ensure that the individual components fulfill our demanding quality standards.

We drew on our extensive experience to develop our WAMAS® logistics software. As one of the most powerful warehouse management systems on the market, this software connects all of the intralogistics components to create an intelligent system. The software manages and controls all intralogistics processes, encompassing efficient and flexible order processing functions to goods movement and resource optimization. In addition, it also provides and analyzes logistics key performance indicators. WAMAS® is distinguished by its outstanding system stability and exceptionally low maintenance overhead. Furthermore, the system also adapts reliably to a variety of company sizes: from start-ups to major corporations, our customers profit from our extensive industry and process expertise. We have combined both aspects of this expertise into WAMAS® to create outstanding software.

Our WAMAS® Lighthouse logistics cockpit is a central information platform. Furthermore, it also delivers a visual representation of your system and the material flow while providing performance figures and offering you an extensive range of monitoring options. As a consequence, you can optimize procedures, shorten picking times reduce costs and efficiently steer all of the operative processes.

SSI SCHAEFER invites you to plunge into the world of digitalization together with us. Discover how digital transformation – this essential and yet frequently neglected change process – can enhance the development and competitiveness of your company while also providing your company with competitive advantages. We accompany you on your own unique journey into the digital era, and support you with perfectly tailored solutions.


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