Intralogistics and goods availability

For intralogistics, these developments mean that goods flows are increasingly accompanied by data flows. This data guarantees the necessary transparency of the delivery chains. As such, it requires the same consistent availability as the goods themselves. This is essential for providing customers with a real-time overview of the provider’s stocks and enables them to view the status of their orders at any time. Information technology is becoming a vitally important strategic factor given these increasingly complex procedures in intralogistics. Innumerable processes need to be transparently displayed and visualized in manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses.

The food trade, in particular online food retail (e-groceries), involves highly specific and exceptionally demanding requirements for intralogistics systems. The product range is often extensive and constantly expanding. The customer structure is diverse and ranges from international corporations to kiosks. Generally, the goods are highly perishable and fragile. As such, the expiry dates and batch numbers need to be tracked and the products themselves handled extremely gently. The business involves numerous small orders with short lead times and delivery windows. Furthermore, there are seasonal and even weekly peaks in demand. In order to overcome these challenges and guarantee the availability of their goods, customers need a high-performance, individually tailored and also scalable intralogistics system.