Coop invests in one of the largest automation solutions in the world

Coop, one of the leading food retailers in Sweden, chose SSI SCHAEFER as their general contractor for intralogistics to provide a cutting-edge, energy-efficient and highly automated logistics solution for their new 77,000 m² distribution center in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Coop's new distribution center, strategically positioned in the heart of Sweden, will handle the distribution of goods to Coop’s 800+ stores around the country. The majority of the material flow will be processed by two highly automated robotic case picking systems for chilled and ambient products. The result will be a sustainable warehouse that will handle more than 600,000 units per day.

SSI SCHAEFER approached this challenge with the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, a unique system design that will enable Coop to live up to its goals of flexibility and efficiency and at the same time produce store-friendly pallets. This is possible thanks to the award-winning shuttle system by SSI SCHAEFER that supplies both case picking robots and piece picking workstations with goods in a programmable sequence. Together with the integration of robots, Coop will improve its whole supply chain, from the distribution center to transportation and all the way to the stores and their customers' dinner tables.

As Sweden's foremost food retailer and as the winner of “Sweden’s Most Sustainable Retailer”, the new distribution center of Coop will be directly integrated into the nationwide train network, as trains form a major part of Coop’s transportation. This approach leads to fewer road transports and a smaller carbon footprint for Coop. SSI SCHAEFER, as one of the leading global providers of material handling solutions, is an ideal partner for companies that pursue economically viable and future-oriented sustainable goals. Its sustainable approaches, which the company is presenting within the “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders“ initiative, had been another important criteria for Coop to choose SSI SCHAEFER as long-term partner for this innovative project.

In order to ensure the maintenance of one of the biggest automation solutions in the world, SSI SCHAEFER, together with another partner and the Swedish education system is supporting the creation of a two year degree for automation and robotics technicians, so SSI SCHAEFER playing an active role in encouraging students and learning.

The terminal is being built in Eskilstuna logistics park and is expected to be in full operation during the second half of 2024.

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