Update 36

Update 36

Update 36

2020 remains a unique year. Many of our daily rituals, both at home and at work, change day-to-day. Things we deemed secure and stable are uncertain, making future planning a strenuous exercise in many industries and often resulting in the need for companies to re-evaluate their strategies. Both consumers and companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, coupled with the business demand for economic success. E-commerce and omnichannel activities continue to gain in relevance and importance. Additionally, the desire to make efficient use of the opportunities offered by digitization and to position a company for the future is growing.

The material handling industry is the backbone of almost every sector, providing services that no modern society can function without. As a strong material handling solution provider and long-term partner, SSI SCHAEFER helps both large corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises to increase efficiency and productivity continuously within their logistics processes. Ultimately, this enables them to be successful in the future as the business grows.

Sustainability, E-Commerce, and Digitalization

Today’s main drivers and challenges in logistics and material handling industry define the highlights of Update 36.

50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders

50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

Supply Chain Solutions for E-Commerce

E-commerce and omnichannel

Digital Transformation

Customized digitalization

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Trust, Reliability, and Long-Term Partnership

That’s what SSI SCHAEFER stands for.

Sustainable, and Economical Material Handling Solutions

Gain in space, cost and energy savings as well as improved process organization in the warehouse, increased (ergonomic) picking quality, and safe storage of hazardous goods.

Mobile Racking ESX

Efficient use of storage space


Improve picking quality by using ergonomics in material handling


Transporting hazardous goods safely

CHIRON Group, Neuhausen ob Eck

Chiron Plans to Automate and Extend Storage Solutions

Kastner & Öhler © Lupi-Spuma, fashion, e-commerce, order intake, press, 2020,

Kastner & Öhler Opts for SSI SCHAEFER for Extending their Central Warehouse

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