Mobile racking system & automated guided vehicles

MPE Plastics case study, MRS, AGVs, PE solution

Space-saving overall system solution for continuous flow of goods

Even more efficient together – mobile racks in combination with automated guided vehicles ensure space savings and material flow optimization

When existing warehouses need to be upgraded without the option of expansion, or new buildings require a smaller design due to high property prices or other limiting factors, more and more companies opt for the use of mobile racks in combination with automated guided vehicles. This solution package by SSI SCHAEFER can be integrated without problems into existing warehouse layouts, ensures space gain, enables a constant material flow around the clock and helps to reduce operating costs in the long run. Staff dependency is reduced and the error rate tends to be zero.

The solution

How AGVs automate storage, production supply and picking

Your challenges

Identifying potentials for improvement and solving challenges of large load carrier handling

•  Shortage of specialists
Lack of skilled personnel to meet increasing requirements.

•  Competitiveness jeopardized
Cost pressure due to manual warehousing processes with increasing salary expenses.

•  Exploited hall cubature
Storage area cannot be expanded due to structural conditions.

•  Time limitations
Manual warehouse processes can only be transferred to 24/7 production at increased expense.

•  Low picking performance
Inadequate delivery quality and on-time delivery generate declining customer satisfaction.

•  No continuous flow of goods
Material buffering ensures unproductive work processes and occupies storage space.

Benefits of combining pallet mobile racking systems and automated guided vehicles at a glance:

✓ 40% less space required than with stationary rack lines

✓ Only one operating aisle to access stored goods

✓ Storage capacity increased by more than 90%

✓ 85% more storage quantity on the same footprint

✓ Constantly timed flow of goods and error reduction

✓ Improved workload and reduction of buffered stock

MPE Plastics case study, MRS, AGVs, PE solution

Solution Promise

For reliable planning, implementation and expandability

We can guarantee you this in advance

• Extensibility
Solution grows with your requirements.

• High economic efficiency
ROI of less than months possible.

• Reliable 24/7 operation
No work interruptions.

• Holistic overview
One WMS for all components.

• Efficient material flow
Through clear system control.

• Easy planning and realization
Quick change possible.

Mobile racking system & automated guided vehicles in use at MPE Plastic


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Solution at a glance - an intelligent interaction

Combination of mobile racking system and automated guided vehicles using a WMS for quick and easy integration.

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