Case Study Grolleman Coldstore

Efficient use of space due to mobile racking system for palettes

Mobile Racking (Type ESX)

A mobile racking system that uses the entire space

Grolleman Coldstore's cold store warehouse in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) is 6,500 m2 in size. The full-service provider's decision in favor of a mobile racking system was no coincidence: mobile racking is predestined for deep-freeze warehouses. To keep operating costs as low as possible, the warehouses are built compactly. A mobile racking system makes full use of the available space. The warehouse can hold 15,000 tons. The FIFO principle ensures that the 10,000 block pallets and 13,500 Euro pallets are always ready to hand. 

The storage locations are distributed over 6 systems with a total of 50 trolleys, whereby one trolley can carry up to 260 tons. Grolleman also makes use of the height. Five levels, one above the other, are used for storage up to a height of 10.5 meters. At the customer's request, SSI Schaefer reinforced the first carrier level to design it for extra heavy pallets with a total weight of up to 5,400 kg. Goods receiving and central freezing tunnel are located in an already existing cold store. Once frozen, the goods are transported through the roof into the new cold store via a closed conveyor system. A lift transports the pallets to the front zone of the new cold store, where they are stored in the mobile racking system. The racking system, which is driven by electric motors, is controlled by a WMS so that the aisles open automatically, and the forklifts can store and retrieve pallets without wasting time.

Mobile racking system with efficient use of space

Discover the installation of the system in fast motion: from the laying of the flooring and the rail system to the final view of the warehouse.

Grolleman Coldstore

Grolleman Coldstores is an all-round service provider for companies that need their products packed, cooled, frozen and stored. In Apeldoorn (NL), more than 13,000 pallet positions are stored in a compact mobile racking storage solution.

Mobile racks are perfect for cold storage

Our rack systems and our powerful electric motors combined make our systems the number one choice for use in cold storage warehouses.

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