The Danes have a term that describes a cozy, comfortable living space where you feel completely at home. They call it “hyggelig”. JYSK brings this Scandinavian decor into the homes of a wide variety of consumers – suitable for every lifestyle.

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Perfectly furnished

The Danes have a term that describes a cozy, comfortable living space where you feel completely at home. They call it “hyggelig”. JYSK brings this Scandinavian decor into the homes of a wide variety of consumers – suitable for every lifestyle.

The company’s history began with Lars Larsen, founder of JYSK, in 1979. For the first time ever, he offered everything one would need for a good night’s sleep under one roof: Beds, blankets, and pillows. Today, JYSK is a leading retailer of mattresses, furnishings, and home accessories, with more than 2,800 stores worldwide. In order for the wide variety of products to arrive in stores and be delivered to customers on time around the world, the logistics must run perfectly. Since 2007, JYSK and SSI SCHAEFER have had a trusting partnership and have created three of the most modern logistics centers in the retail industry. By modernizing and expanding the location in Denmark, the partners not only built the largest dynamic distribution center in the country, but, most importantly, guaranteed the efficiency of the processes for today and tomorrow – with a fourth highly dynamic high-bay warehouse and the customized WAMAS® logistics software.

Customized system to efficiently handle a variety of items

“The intelligent interaction between highly dynamic pallet warehouses and miniloads, the ergonomic picking concept, and the WAMAS® logistics software is what makes the SSI SCHAEFER solution so successful.”

Allan K. Kjærgaard, Executive Vice President Logistics, JYSK


Which specific services did SSI SCHAEFER provide to meet the objectives of JYSK?

The successful collaboration between JYSK and SSI SCHAEFER began with the first project in Denmark in 2007. This was followed by two additional logistics centers in Poland and Sweden. All are custom-designed to local specifications and controlled by the proprietary WAMAS® logistics software.

SSI SCHAEFER worked as the general contractor in preparing the logistics concept for the project in Uldum, Denmark, and was responsible for the turnkey creation of the major project, providing an innovative solution of significant size and with state-of-the-art equipment. In the first step, three combined high-bay warehouses (each 136 m in length, 54 m in width and 39 m high) were constructed with two connected miniloads, which used a 2.5 km pallet conveying system and a 1.8 km bin and carton conveying system.

With the company growth and the continuous expansion of the product portfolio, demands on warehouse capacities and processes have increased. The location has benefited from the completed modernization and expansion measures introduced in 2019 – especially from the fourth high-bay warehouse (150 m long by 100 m wide by 43 m high) which added another 82,000 storage locations and seven additional picking work stations. Some of the modernization and expansion measures such as the expansion of the miniload, were implemented by the SSI SCHAEFER Customer Service & Support team as a retrofit, performed without interrupting operations.

The result is one of the largest distribution centers in Denmark with an overall capacity of 215,000 storage locations for pallets, plus 45,000 storage locations for trays. Yet, what is impressive is not just its size, but also its efficiency – four external warehouses were centrally consolidated. This makes cumbersome, expensive product tourism a thing of the past.

The greatest challenge is the various sizes and types of items offered. The oversized packages that are typical in furniture retail required a clever solution for efficient processing in the distribution center. JYSK uses custom big box steel pallets which allow safe transportation of particularly large and heavy items. The key feature is the 32 energy-efficient Exyz storage-retrieval machines in the four high-bay warehouses. These machines can either take up two Euro pallets simultaneously or one big box pallet, and can then safely store and retrieve them. Combined with the highly dynamic miniloads, this is the perfect solution for JYSK. The miniloads, were expanded to include six additional aisles with state-of-the-art Schäfer Miniload Cranes and 15,000 storage locations.

The working environment and the well-being of the employees played an important role in the planning. This is why ergonomic picking work stations based on the goods-to-person principle are used at the distribution center in Uldum with the support of a Pick by Light system. This is especially important for large and heavy pieces of furniture. Thanks to optimally adjusted gripping sequences and internal processes, an above-average picking performance is achieved.

WAMAS®, the logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER, comprehensively manages and controls all of the processes integrated in the intralogistics.

JYSK’s main focus lies on the availability of products during peak times and the reduction of error rates. The integrated concept offered by SSI SCHAEFER passes these requirements with flying colors; clearly structured, transparent product flows and consistently automated work processes ensure a smooth workflow within the logistics center.


Impressive images of the modernization and expansion project

Expansion of the JYSK distribution center

The expansion of the JYSK distribution center is a positive result stemming from the growth of the JYSK Group. The logistics center in Uldum was expanded by a fourth high-bay warehouse with 82,000 storage locations for pallets. Here, standard and large pallets store weight of up to 1,500 kg. Now, the distribution center offers an overall capacity of 215,000 storage locations for pallets plus 45,000 storage locations for trays. Ergonomic aspects were taken into account at each work station. Scissor lifting tables are embedded in the hall floor in the goods-in area. Wherever loads need to be lifted, installed vacuum lifters assist the staff. WAMAS®, the logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER, manages and controls all intralogistics processes.


WAMAS®, the logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER, was decisive in JYSK‘s choice to award SSI SCHAEFER as general contractor and comprehensively manages and controls all of the processes integrated in the intralogistics.

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