Intralogistics Expansion at Galexis with SSI SCHAEFER as long-term Partner

The leading wholesaler and service provider Galexis AG ensures timely and consistent drug supply of all partners in the Swiss health sector. High-quality, modern intralogistics guarantees high customer satisfaction and successful market presence. In order to be prepared for future requirements, the distribution center in Lausanne-Ecublens is comprehensively expanded. The distribution center in Niederbipp has already been expanded.

Galexis, a company of the Galenica group, is market leader in Switzerland and renders health logistics services throughout the country. The leading wholesaler and service provider in the Swiss health market ensures timely and nationwide drug supply. Galexis operates high-performance distribution centers in Niederbipp and Lausanne-Ecublens to efficiently supply pharmacies, medical practices, drugstores, homes and hospitals.

Successful partnership with SSI SCHAEFER

Back in 2007, SSI SCHAEFER laid the foundation for one of the most modern distribution centers in the Swiss health sector for Galexis in Niederbipp. Instead of costly renovating the warehouses in Bern-Schönbühl and Zürich-Schlieren, Galexis decided to implement a new, state-of-the-art solution together with the intralogistics expert SSI SCHAEFER. In 2016, the storage system was extended by a 3-aisle miniload with 81,500 bin storage locations as well as 65,000 bins to increase the system performance to up to 4,000 bins per hour.

Expanding shipping area in Niederbipp

Recently, the latest expansion at Niederbipp was successfully completed. The existing sprinter shipping area was expanded to a total of four shipping areas. Thanks to this expansion, a capacity of 4,000 bins/hour can be processed in the sprinter shipping area alone. For this purpose, a conveying section was removed and replaced by a high-speed roller switch diverter (RSW). The entire allocation and distribution is controlled automatically and intelligently by the warehouse management software WAMAS®.

Aerial vue of Galexis AG in Niederbipp, Switzerland

New building and capacity expansion in Lausanne

The existing distribution center in Lausanne is currently comprehensively expanded and modernized. The project consists of two phases to be completed between the middle of 2020 and 2022. The distribution center has 4,000 m² of storage surface and enables the processing of 37,000 lines per day.

In the basement, eight picking work stations with new flow, pallet and overstock racks will be installed in addition to the existing system parts. The system will be extended by a second shipping section including a shipping preparation line with Document Drop, Lidding and Inserting and a strapping machine. The increased redundant system design means higher reliability and performance.

To raise storage capacity, three zones with four SSI Carousels each will be implemented on the ground floor. This SSI SCHAEFER technology has also been applied in the distribution center in Niederbipp, where it increases the capacity by 18,000 bins and sustainably supports the supply of Western Switzerland. The SSI Carousels are supplied by ten Goods-in Stations and are connected by several hundred meters of bin conveying system. Also, the basement is supplied from these Goods-in Stations. The used cartons are taken away from the work stations using the integrated used carton belt. Orders are picked at three ergonomic two-level Get and Pick Stations that achieve a picking performance of up to 2,250 lines/hour.

Pallet and cantilever racks round off the modern concept and serve as overstock buffer and pallet picking area for large containers. The new roller container conveying system with lift will transport cross-docking deliveries automatically to the shipping area. For items with increased requirements for storage temperature, a refrigerated area with racks and picking station will be installed. In the overall project, a new version of the warehouse management software WAMAS connected to the SAP EWM of Galexis, is applied.

With the help of the planned expansion, Galexis AG meets the market requirements and commits to the long-term and successful partnership with the intralogistics expert SSI SCHAEFER.

Extension Galexis, Switzerland

Trend-setting system design for Galexis: In the new distribution center in Lausanne about 37,000 lines per day are processed.

Extension Galexis, Switzerland

To increase storage capacity, three zones with four SSI Carousels each will be implemented on the ground floor.

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