Saving time and growing

Modular shelving R 3000 with drawers, drawers with insert container made from

Avoid time-consuming order picking when warehouse grows

Your turnover performance is just not up to the task. It is difficult to foresee how fast your company will continue to grow and how the portfolio will change in the future. Booster for your business: Save time by increasing turnover performance flexible growth due to scalable and individually expandable warehouse solutions.

Vision: Saving time and growing


✓ Increase handling capacity,
✓ Flexibility for future extensions

Your business is growing. But picking small parts takes too much time because it is typically just not clear where the goods are stored. The lack of clarity also prevents the order from being processed in a timely fashion.

Oftentimes, it is hard to adapt existing logistics structures to the new products added to the product line. They do not reach the desired storage density and take up too much space. Another concern is that reorganization might be complicated and time-consuming, which could limit capacity and tie up resources. As a result, you can only devote limited time to your actual business. At the same time, logistics costs reduce your margins, a circumstance that is associated with great uncertainty in the long term.

Modular shelving R 3000 with drawers, drawers with insert container made from

Intelligent storage of small parts


✓ Modular shelving systems

• Simultaneous picking on multiple levels
• Easy change between multiple levels
• Clarity thanks to simple labeling options
• Shelving systems offer quite a few options to save time and space very quickly
• Exceptional price/performance ratio
• Can be adjusted and customized to meet your requirements
• High storage density thanks to small height adjustability pattern
• Modular principle with an extensive choice of accessories
• Boltless system for quick assembly and conversion
• Ideal for the stocking of bins, cartons, as well as goods with small
and medium-sized volumes

Vertical Storage Lift LogiMat SLL


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