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Automated Guided Vehicles in Intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) optimize and automate the material flow within a company.
SSI SCHAEFER is a competent partner to help you select, implement and plan AGV solutions.

Why Should SSI SCHAEFER Be Your Partner?

As one of the world’s leading experts in the area of warehouse automation, we offer a large fleet of AGVs for a variety of applications within the supply chain.

Our AGV specialists plan comprehensive AGV concepts for a holistic optimization of material flows between various areas. We do not think in terms of individual vehicles, but integrated solutions.

We integrate the AGV solutions perfectly into your existing warehouse environment and infrastructure. Our scalable AGVs can adapt flexibly to changing market conditions. For example, the number of vehicles can be increased according to performance requirements. The AGVs network different warehouse and work areas, even over long distances – naturally without barriers and in compliance with safety requirements. In comparison to conventional conveying systems, AGV solutions are more flexible in terms of space and room utilization.