SSI Schaefer Maintenance Philosophy

We are there for you! 24/7, at any time!

We offer an innovative service portfolio to ensure maximum availability of your systems – from Preventive and Reactive Services to comprehensive Life Cycle Management using the latest technologies. Benefit from: optimum system protection, rapid problem resolution, service life extension and comprehensive security.

SSI Call Center: Our Service Support

If a malfunction occurs with your system, our on-call service is available worldwide up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the initial telephone call, you will talk to our competent engineers and product managers who can provide you with comprehensive assistance.

You can reach us via individual 24/7 hotline number, via mail, or via online ticketing tool access as per contract agreement.

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SSI Webshop: Global Spare Parts Service

As a dedicated business partner, we offer you a comprehensive spare parts service around the clock and from around the world. Our services include processing spare parts orders and deliveries, creating spare parts lists, and compiling spare parts packages and spare parts repairs.

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SSI eAcademy: Online Training and Qualification

Your facilities and systems depend on correct operation to achieve their full potential and prevent unnecessary downtime. We offer you and your employees the required training directly after commissioning and when needed. The training always concludes with a certificate.

Warehouse Software Solutions
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