Responsible and ethical conduct, compliance with legal requirements, and fair competition are the basic principles of our business success

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At SSI SCHAEFER, compliance means more than just adhering to laws - integrity, fair competition and sustainable business practices form the basis for our corporate success and reflect the values of the founding family.

SSI SCHAEFER Group – Compliance Declaration

The Group Management stands firmly by its compliance declaration. You can download the Executive Commitment below.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of the SSI SCHAEFER Group summarizes our values in ten principles of behavior. It is binding for all employees and managers worldwide and serves as a guide for daily work as well as a decision-making aid in complex situations.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Compliance with all legal regulations is also of utmost importance in the cooperation with our business partners. The Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the SSI SCHAEFER Group makes this clear through the principles of conduct relevant for business partners and represents the basis for business relationships with integrity.

Human Rights Policy

In the Human Rights Policy, the management of the SSI SCHAEFER Group commits to the company's own human rights strategy and reaffirms its goal of strengthening human rights and preventing human rights violations. This includes the endeavor to only sell projects and manufactured products that comply with human rights.

Whistleblowing System

The SSI SCHAEFER Group has set up a Central Internal Reporting Office and various reporting channels to ensure early detection of potential compliance breaches or human rights or environmental risks. The Central Internal Reporting Office receives reports of breaches of legal provisions and internal regulations of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, as well as matters that pose a risk to human rights or the environment, health or safety, and follows up on them systematically. 

Via the SSI SCHAEFER Whistleblowing System, all employees of the SSI SCHAEFER Group worldwide, all employees of direct and indirect suppliers along the entire supply chain as well as customers, business partners and all other persons or organizations can submit reports 24/7. The menu navigation in the SSI SCHAEFER Whistleblowing System is available in various languages. Reports can also be entered in any language using the corresponding free text fields.

The reports which can be submitted via the SSI SCHAEFER Whistleblowing System can be divided into the following categories:

  • Corruption / bribery

  • Breaches of competition and antitrust law

  • Fraud / embezzlement / theft / disclosure of trade secrets

  • Human rights-related risk and breaches of human rights-/ breaches of labor standards/ discrimination/ harassment

  • Environmental-related risks and breaches of environmental, health and safety regulations

  • Breaches of accounting, financial reporting or tax regulations, forgery of documents 

  • Breaches of regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing/ breaches of export control and customs regulations

  • Other breaches of legal provisions and significant breaches of internal policies of the SSI SCHAEFER Group

  • Human rights and environmental-related risks along the entire supply chain; breaches committed by suppliers of the SSI SCHAEFER Group

All frequently asked questions about the procedure for submitting reports via the SSI SCHAEFER Whistleblowing System, the processing of incoming reports and the protection of reporting persons and persons concerned can be found in the Rules of Procedure for the SSI SCHAEFER Whistleblowing System.

And here is the link to the Whistleblowing System:

Rules of Procedure Whistleblowing System SSI SCHAEFER Group

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