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Comprehensive solution portfolio for both retail and wholesale

The traditional differentiation between branch and mail-order distribution channels is disappearing. The rise of omni-channel business models are becoming the standard when selling goods. Customers can now shop anywhere and at any time, either by visiting a brick and mortar store or by going online. Consumers also expect rapid and problem-free delivery directly to their door or to their chosen pick-up location.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:

Acting in your best interests

  • Shorter delivery times (same day/next day delivery)

  • Smaller quantities and units

  • Increasing number of articles

  • Larger quantity of returns

  • Seasonal fluctuations

  • Increased loyalty and sales promotions

  • Omni-channel marketing with different order types handled at one distribution center

The SSI SCHAEFER comprehensive product and solution portfolio combined with its exceptional IT expertise provides you with both custom and efficient solutions to meet your retail and wholesale needs.

These solutions have been developed for specific market segments such as furniture, electrical and electronic articles, office supplies or the home improvement market, hardware and spare parts, and online retailers.

Case Studies

Acting in your best interests.


Case Study FREJA

IT, WAMAS, logistics software at JYSK Sweden

Case Study JYSK

Misumi | Case Study | SSI SCHÄFER

High-Performance Logistics Center for Mechanical Engineering Components

Case Study KNV

Storage Product Portfolio

Container and Carton Conveyor System

Conveying and Transport

Depalletizing Robot at Schaeffler

Depalletizing and Palletizing

Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner

Picking & Handling

Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Automated Guided Vehicles


Software Solutions


The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

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