Semi-Automated Storage

We are offering you numerous semi-automated solutions, regardless of what you store. We are your one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions.

Pallet Racking

Solutions for Semi-Automated Storage

Semi-automated systems are typically ideal for facilities that are currently manual but need to boost throughput or gain additional space. Also, these solutions tend to thrive where SKU count is minimal. These systems utilize warehouse management systems to increase throughput and reduce picking errors. Furthermore, semi-automated solutions also decrease exposure to labor and thus, reduces liability.  

SSI SCHAEFER is one of the few companies that offer not only racks and shelves, but also semi-automated storage systems. This allows us to implement custom solutions to fit your specific needs. 

Features & Benefits

  • Zero-error picking 

  • Modular and scalable solutions 

  • Short access and delivery times, ideal for e-commerce 

  • High dynamics and handling capacity even with a large assortment of items 

  • Single or multi-space storage, single- to multiple-deep, integrated dynamic channels 

  • Comprehensive product compatibility 

  • In-house production – single-source vendor 

  • Decades of experience and comprehensive industry knowledge experts

The SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module

The SSI LOGIMAT® is a warehousing and picking solution that uses the "goods-to-person" principle and offers storage and picking in one solution for small parts. A space-saving...

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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT

Efficiency in Motion for Large Load Carriers

Channel storage systems and heavy-load mobile racking systems carry large loads and ensure high surface density. Equipped with intelligent technology, they make quick storage and retrieval processes possible even in low-temperature environments.

Mobile Racks in motion

Mobile Racking Systems

Warehouse systems for more storage capacity on less space

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Schäfer Orbiter System

Channel Storage Systems

Maximum performance in channel storage systems:
Safe, fast, intelligent and connected

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