Warehouse Safety Management

Increase warehouse safety through rack inspection and maintenance.

We Ensure the Ongoing Performance of Your Warehouse Systems

As the world’s leading provider of products and systems for intralogistics material flows and waste engineering, SSI SCHAEFER have developed and provided our customers worldwide with innovative warehouse storage systems.  Concurrently, SSI SCHAEFER are working to ensure the installations continue to perform safely for our customers throughout the many years of operation.

To ensure the safe operation of warehouse racking and shelving all year round, we encourage our customers to work with our certified rack safety inspectors to maintain and improve their existing storage systems. Safety enhancements will improve the efficiency of your everyday operation, comply with European Standards (EN 15635) and ensure the ongoing performance of your storage systems.

Our Racking Maintenance and Repair Engineers Provide

  • Racking systems inspections

  • Rack maintenance and repair services 

  • Rack safety training programs

  • Racking relocations 

  • Safety signage (loading and warning signs)

Rack Inspection and Safety Training Procedures

Learn more about rack safety inspections and safety trainings.

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Rack Inspection

Questions To Ask Yourself

Safety has always been an important consideration in managing and operating a warehouse, regardless of its size or the nature of its inventory. Safety inspections must be enacted, especially if you have increased shipments, handle heavy equipment , store hazardous items or even handle fast moving products.  It is essential to provide a safety protocol and conduct regular employee training. While racks and shelving form the foundation of a warehouse, not many include the process of inspection, and the intricate details inspections might entail, in this foundation. 

Your warehouse, the shelving and racking are exposed to potential hazards every day.  Identifying them early will help your employees reduce the danger and risks of working in the warehouse environment. Some of the common potential causes of shelving and racking damages can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unqualified or inexperienced forklift truck drivers.

  • Incorrect type of forklift used for installations

  • Poor vehicle access within racking aisles

  • Employees unfamiliar with the safety protocols involved in managing racking systems in the warehouse

  • Inability to identify and located damage, which can result in 30% to 40% reduction in load carrying capacity

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