Plastic belt conveying system

Plastic link conveying systems

Plastic link conveying systems for pallet-free transport

Eliminating conventional load carriers for your internal material flow has a number of benefits. With a solution of this design there is no need to return empty pallets, which eliminates handling work that would otherwise be involved. This optimizes both existing capacities and the storage itself. Innovative plastic link conveying systems from SSI SCHAEFER enables the transportation of goods both with and without load carriers. Connect your warehouse with your production and profit from the high throughput and the optimized material flow. 

The delivery stations, conveyor belts, lifts, turning stations, shuttle cars, swivelling stations, and vertical conveyors are all equipped with plastic link conveyors. As a consequence, the system is ideal for transporting and distributing individual diverse goods on conveyors. The ground-level delivery station is accessible using both manual pallet trucks and forklifts. The system is capable of transporting goods the width of up to 1.6 meters.

Comprehensive support

Upon request, SSI SCHAEFER can develop customized products. We analyze your existing storage processes and requirements and work closely with you in order to design the best solution for your needs.


  • Transport goods up to a width of 1.6 meters

  • Goods transport with and without load carriers, enabling one conveyor for everything

  • Recyclable load carriers

  • High flexibility

  • Robust construction

  • Modular design and high standardization

  • No need to return empty pallets, reducing handling work

  • Ground-level delivery station accessible using manual pallet trucks and forklifts

  • Significantly enhances cargo space usage when transporting goods by truck

  • Minimal bending of the goods on the conveyors

  • Reduced costs due to the combined effect of the solution

  • High throughput

  • User-friendly

  • Contour and weight checking to prevent damage to the goods and the system

  • Safety: Start/stop light barriers

  • Maintenance and service-friendly components

  • Comprehensive support