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Diamond containers

Diamond containers from SSI SCHAEFER are rapid, safe, economical, and suitable for retrofitting. With this solution you benefit from significant time savings during container pick-up. Instead of a comb chute, the disposal vehicles are equipped with a Diamond lifter (or a combination of both systems). The Diamond lifter picks up the container, locks it, and enables rapid and safe handling for pick-up, emptying and placement. The self-centering pick-up, using the Diamond lifters, makes the emptying process up to 20% faster than conventional approaches. At the same time, the secure container attachment protects against accidents. Single-person disposal operations and the optimized handling create enormous saving potentials.

Diverse designs for diverse requirements
SSI SCHAEFER’s Diamond containers are available in various sizes between 60 and 360 liters and in a variety of different colors. We offer you customized cover and side embossing, optional locking systems as well as covers with diverse openings, depending on your requirements. Sound-insulated options are also available.


  • Fast: considerable time savings during pick-up

  • Economical: single-person emptying is possible

  • Safe: secure container attachment ensures proper locking

  • Retrofitting: quick and easy conversion of GMT containers to the DU system

  • Available with capacities between 60 and 360 liters

  • Compatible with Diamond lifter and comb chute vehicles

  • Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Easy installation of a transponder

  • Cover opening sound insulation for 4x hinges

  • Secure container attachment simultaneously protects against accidents

  • The self-centering pick-up makes the emptying process up to 20% faster than conventional approaches

  • Optional extras: DU 120 liter container with integrated running gear, reinforced wheel arches and bearings, customized embossing

  • Numerous optional locking systems and cover openings

  • Sound insulation as an option


Brochure Diamond-Containers EN

Brochure Diamond-Containers EN

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