The Power of Automation to Boost Intralogistics Capabilities

An initiative under the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 blueprint, the Healthcare Sector Transformation Program is underway to provide the Kingdom with better healthcare services. In March 2022, Nahdi Medical Company launched its first state-of-the-art fully automated pharmaceutical distribution center (IMDAD) to support its supply chain and logistics network. The advanced facility is capable of handling 200 million units of SKUs per year with temperature-controlled systems and automated fulfillment. 

Warehouse Automation Using Leading-Edge Technology

IMDAD smart distribution center handles the storage and retrieval of goods and all logistics functions in the facility through intelligent logistics software and systems. With a well-designed material flow process, inventory movements and speed are agile and optimized.

Medical Security Following the Latest International and Local Standards 

To ensure medical security following the latest international standards & Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) best practice regulations, IMDAD redeveloped its facility with Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON). As the first smart distribution center in the region’s retail sector, IMDAD is capable of handling close to 100,000 orders daily with automated solutions.

Staying Ahead of Competition Using Intelligent Logistics Software – WAMAS®

Thanks to the warehouse management software, WAMAS®, predictive analysis on consumer behavior can be implemented within the facility with existing data captured for fulfillment processes. With transparent material flow, warehouse operators can get work done more efficiently. By leveraging the historical data trends and future forecasts, the inventory data can suggest items to be re-located within the warehouse or co-located with items typically ordered together. This would increase the efficiency at which these items can be picked, thus producing a higher throughput. The visibility of material flow helped Al-Nahdi to stay competitive.