Material handling industry solutions for retail and wholesale

Plastic container for a closed B2B returnable cycle

Hema sells 32,000 of its own products and services from its online shop and around 760 stores – including around 650 department stores, primarily in the Benelux countries. Their stores are mainly supplied from the central warehouse in Utrecht. In addition to supplying the containers, which are specifically designed for the automated warehouse handling system, SSI SCHAEFER also provided the steelwork for the pallet warehouse with 24,000 storage locations, plus the steelwork for the bin warehouse with 50,000 storage locations. SSI SCHAEFER’s comprehensive range of bins comprises over 2000 different types, designs and sizes for storage, picking and transport processes. From the many available options, Hema opted for the FKE 6285 container measuring 600 x 400 x 285 mm. This returnable container is central to all its intralogistics processes, be it storage, order preparation, or its closed-loop system for deliveries to the stores.

“SSI SCHAEFER gave us extensive advice to help us make our choice,” remembers Michel van Leeuwen. “We are now reaping the benefits of a long-lasting, robust, flexible, and scalable container solution for our handling operations and process optimizations at all levels.”

The highly resistant foldable/collapsible container is made of polypropylene, can hold 57 l and meets the stringent requirements for returnable transport containers under German packaging law (Verpackungsverordnung).