3D-Matrix Solution

3D-MATRIX Solution®

Problems of conventional storage systems
Conventional storage systems are limited by the restricted number of lifts. This results in bottlenecks during storage and retrieval. As a consequence, the number of transfer spaces is restricted and the movement processes can only be decoupled along the horizontal and vertical axes to a limited extent.

However, increasing performance through the use of shuttles in the aisles creates major bottlenecks on the conveyor loops in the pre-zone. Sequencing is  required to overcome this and it is only possible through the use of additional, and subsequently installed, sequencing systems.

That is why we developed the 3D-MATRIX Solution®: with this patented solution, SSI SCHAEFER takes automated storage systems to a new level. The modular concept provides highly dynamic system solutions for storing and picking individual articles, cartons, layered trays and pallets.

The flexible and revolutionary innovation
The matrix consists of three key system components: Shuttle vehicles, lifts and conveying systems. The shuttle vehicles work on the x-axis in the depth of the storage channels. Lift systems provide vertical transport on the y-axis. The conveyor systems handle the horizontal transport on the z-axis and supply the goods directly to the connected picking or dispatch work stations. All movements which the transport devices perform within the storage facility are consistently separated on the x, y and z-axes. This enables them all to be carried out in parallel.


Due to the special design of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, the storage cube is treated as an open system from every side. This creates independent processes while simultaneously preventing bottlenecks.

The 3D-MATRIX Solution®​​​​​​​ enables access to all articles in the storage system and also directly supplies all connected goods-to-person work stations with the desired items. The system provides the greatest value and ergonomics wherever tasks are carried out by employees.

The unrestricted accessibility while the system is operational makes maintenance extremely simple. In addition, system expansion can be easily integrated into the infrastructure of your existing warehouse management system.

The 3D-MATRIX Solution®​​​​​​​ offers precisely the flexibility that e-commerce requires. This primarily involves implementing scalable facilities with a storage capacity far exceeding 500,000 articles. We dimension the storage capacity and performance of the specific system to match the upstream and downstream processes. Our solution offers you exactly what you need to handle the transactions in the rapidly growing e-commerce market.

Benefit from significantly enhanced efficiency, scalable solutions and reliable long-term investments.

  • Highly dynamic system solution for storing and picking individual articles, cartons, layered trays, and pallets

  • Parallel processes achieved by decoupling the horizontal transport, vertical transport, and supply to the work stations

  • Constant access to all articles in the warehouse with consistent performance

  • Dynamic, high throughput without bottlenecks

  • No more need for ABC goods classification

  • Supply buffering via transfer spaces

  • Complete sequencing of the orders

  • Lifts have individual access to the transfer spaces

  • Modular, scalable, and expandable solution

  • All components can be installed in any desired quantity and location, while the length, width, and height of the storage itself can be flexibly expanded

  • Simplified maintenance through easy accessibility while the system is operating


SSI SCHAEFER as gerneral contractor - a future-proof investment.

Highly dynamic sequence formation in small parts logistics

SSI SCHAEFER has implemented a highly dynamic SSI Navette warehouse in accordance with the 3D-MATRIX Solution® for Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG as a general contractor. A system design with maximum flexibility and extensibility in mind, 120,000 bin storage locations and the use of 42 innovative SSI Navette shuttles have increased efficiency at Karl Storz by more than 20 percent compared to conventional system concepts.

3D-MATRIX Solution® in practice

The automated storage systems in use at Gebr. Heinemann

3D-Matrix Solution


Gebr. Heinemann has always been a modern company, therefore it was understandable that they did not opt for a classic storage and retrieval system or a conventional shuttle solution. Instead, the family-owned company decided to move forward with the future-proof recommendation of SSI SCHAEFER using a solution which combines both previously mentioned system.