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Pallet storage/large load carriers

Smart storage solutions for pallets and large load carriers  

Diverse solutions for pallet and large load carrier storage

Pallet racks have become an integral part of intralogistics ever since standardized pallets have become the prevalent system for storing goods. Whether you are searching for customized shelving, a high bay warehouse or a channel storage system with manual, partially or fully automated handling, SSI SCHAEFER provides your one-stop solution for pallet and large load carrier storage.


Manufacturing pallet racks has long been one of SSI SCHAEFER’s key areas of expertise. We offer you a broad array of solutions that make storing large load carriers even more efficient:

  • Pallet racks

  • Mobile pallet racks

  • Pallet dynamic flow racks

  • Channel storage systems

  • Automated high bay warehouses

  • Storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems for pallets

Mobile pallet racks

Mobile pallet racks from SSI SCHAEFER are flexible racking systems for especially heavy loads. These solutions are ideal for storing both pallets and long-length items. Providing an extremely dense storage medium by reducing wasted aisle space, the modular concept enables you to put together the perfect system for your individual needs.


Pallet dynamic flow racks

SSI SCHAEFER dynamic flow racks ensure that the first pallets stored are also the first to be removed (FIFO). Benefit from the exceptionally efficient area and volume usage in your warehouse.


Automated high bay warehouses

Automated high bay warehouses provide all the benefits of an efficient storage system for every desired article quantity and turnover. You benefit from the optimum use of space and stock security combined with efficient process chains.