Storage & Picking Solution Ensures Optimal Performance in Limited Space

Success story Arvato Supply Chain Solutions: a space-saving and future-oriented approach to modernize and expand the existing system

In order to cope in the long term with the rapid business growth of the Vereinigte Verlagsauslieferung (VVA) as part of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) at the Gütersloh site (Germany), solutions provider and longstanding partner SSI SCHAEFER modernized and expanded the distribution center during operation in 2019. SSI SCHAEFER used the limited space in the existing system to establish an innovative, highly dynamic, and sustainable storage and picking system, enabling a significant expansion of picking capacity within the bottleneck areas of the publishing supply.

Be it books for children or teens, novels, biographies, art books, or specialist literature – demand for books remains high. That much is clear given the business growth of the VVA in recent years. The publishing supplier reached its limits in terms of performance and capacity at the site in Gütersloh and so the decision was made to modernize and expand the existing system together with SSI SCHAEFER. In the central logistics center of the Bertelsmann subsidiary in Gütersloh alone, there are around 70,000 different items in storage – for example

  • books,

  • CDs, and DVDs,

  • magazines,

  • calendars,

  • stationery,

  • toys.

Alongside conventional logistics services such as warehousing, picking, transport management, and comprehensive value-added services, Arvato SCS develops and operates complex global supply chains, e-commerce and IT platforms, omnichannel solutions, and digital distribution models for its customers.  

As a global solutions provider of modular warehouse and logistics systems, SSI SCHAEFER has been a reliable partner since 2006, when they were responsible for the automation project in Gütersloh.

With its patented 3D-MATRIX Solution® SSI SCHAEFER was the only company able to implement an innovative and powerful solution in combination with optimal space utilization for the forthcoming expansion – a storage and picking system spread across just 900 m² with a technical performance of around 16 million books per year. The integrated goods-to-person picking stations are subject to the highest ergonomic standards. The system can also be flexibly adapted and expanded in the future to meet changing market requirements.