The highlight: the patented 3D-MATRIX Solution®

Gebr. Heinemann has always been a modern company, therefore it was understandable that they did not opt for a classic storage and retrieval system or a conventional shuttle solution. Instead, the family-owned company decided to move forward with the future-proof recommendation of SSI SCHAEFER using a solution which combines both previously mentioned system. This is our 3D-MATRIX  Solution®, which transforms the miniload system from a deposit into a sequencing buffer for shop-specific contract manufacturing. 64 Navette multi-level shuttles, integrated lift systems and ergonomic workstations ensure the maximum flexibility of a system which is, above all, at one with the future growth plans of Gebr. Heinemann. The solution is expandable on all levels, which once again shows how SSI SCHAEFER works in a mindset focused on powerful, future-proof, turnkey solutions.