Steel containers waste management

Steel containers

Steel containers for clever waste disposal and recycling collection

The combination of large volumes, convenient handling the diverse range of extra equipment makes SSI SCHAEFER’s galvanized steel containers a universal solution for waste disposal.

Regardless of whether you collect paper or glass or have to dispose of waste contaminated with oil – SSI SCHAEFER has the right steel container for all your requirements:

  • 2-wheeled container: for the correct disposal of waste contaminated with oil

  • Modultainer®: suitable for all areas of waste disposal and recycling collection

  • Depot container: for the central collection of glass, paper, etc.

  • Front loader container: the modern and economical solution for collecting large quantities of waste

High quality, long service life

To withstand the challenges of day-to-day utilization, waste disposal containers have to be extremely robust and durable. SSI SCHAEFER understands that the quality of the systems and products plays a huge part in the success of these solutions. At SSI SCHAEFER, the manufacturing process is subject to constant quality tests by both the production department and external testing authorities. Our containers have a service life of more than 25 years.

GMT Steel Oleocont

Two-wheeled steel containers




Depot containers

Front Load Container

Front loader containers

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