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SSI SCHAEFER is the world’s leading provider of products and systems for intra-company material flows and waste engineering.

At around 70 operative companies and more than 10 production facilities worldwide, we develop innovative concepts and solutions for our customers’ industries. In this process, we shape the future of intralogistics.

Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

Innovations & Trends

Which societal and technological developments will influence the future of intralogistics?

Warehouse Safety Maintenance

Warehouse Safety Maintenance

Is your warehouse and the storage systems safe enough?



SSI SCHAEFER builds a high bay cold storage facility for Kloosterboer

Kloosterboer, one of the leading logistics service providers in Western Europe, commissioned SSI SCHAEFER with the supply and construction of steelwork for an impressive deep-freeze warehouse located in Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The logistics service provider offers innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions for temperature-controlled storage and distribution of food related products, such as fish, meat, fruit, fruit juice and juice concentrate, milk and potato products. SSI SCHAEFER has proven to be a reliable partner in past joint projects, which led to the awarded project.
A fully automatic, deep-freeze logistics center will call the City Terminal Rotterdam home – Cool Port 2. SSI SCHAEFER will supply about 4,100 tons of steel to erect a 6-aisle high bay warehouse with impressive dimensions too; 69 m length, 139 m width and 41 m height. The high bay warehouse consists of a silo design with the lateral walls and roof cover attached directly to the steelwork. Being a steelwork supplier, SSI SCHAEFER has erected numerous high bay warehouses with this type of silo design worldwide. Since Kloosterboer already did several successful projects with SSI SCHAEFER, it was an easy decision to award the contract to the reliable intralogistics experts.
The requirements of the British sustainability certificate BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) are adhered to during the construction. SSI SCHAEFER has designed the roof construction of the high bay warehouse for a future photovoltaic system for additional energy savings. The roof will be able to accommodate 2,700 solar modules.
With a storage capacity of 60,000 pallets in Cool Port 2, Kloosterboer will serve a variety of customers.
The construction of the steelwork has started in fall 2020, the completion is scheduled for summer 2021. The deep-freeze warehouse will be commissioned in January 2022.

Cool Port 2 – SSI SCHAEFER builds a new deep-freeze high bay warehouse in Rotterdam for the logistics service provider Kloosterboer.
Kloosterboer coolport 2, Rotterdam NL
High Bay Cold Storage Facility


As a leading material handling provider and long-term partner, SSI SCHAEFER helps customers of all sizes and sectors to design the most suitable, reliable, and future-proof solution to meet current and future challenges.

Trust, reliability & long-term partnership - that's what SSI SCHAEFER stands for

More than ever, reliability and trust are core elements in the decision making process and in a partnership. For SSI SCHAEFER, as a family-owned company, being a reliable and future-oriented partner for our customers, both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as corporations, is part of our DNA. Our tagline, #ThinkTomorrow., summarizes the spirit of innovation and ambition we have to be a trusted, long-lasting partner for our customers. These are our core values and this is what SSI SCHAEFER stands for. 

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A-Frame Picking

High-performance picking especially for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

The A-Frame automated picking system from SSI SCHAEFER can be effortlessly integrated into existing systems. It is the ideal solution for error-free picking of the smallest packaging units.


SSI SCHAEFER has been the intralogistics partner for CERP Rouen right from the beginning of warehouse construction and is responsible for implementing the logistics system - from goods in up to the shipment of round about 16,000 goods and 25,000 orders a day.


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Our products and solutions. Products and solutions combined with specific industry expertise for scalable logistics systems from a single source.

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