How Automation Maximizes Space and Enhances Warehouse Operations

With a projected annual growth of about 4% for the global cosmetic packaging industry, and the consumers' demand and expectation for faster order fulfillment, businesses of all sizes are driven to adopt warehouse management strategies and technologies that would optimize operational efficiency and cost. One such company is Angel Beauty Supply (AGL), a family-owned business that specializes in the distribution of cosmetics packaging in Thailand. In 2020, AGL centralized all their warehouses in Bangkok, from five warehouses to a single warehouse standing at 2,842 m2. They had a goal to expand their product range and leverage e-commerce technology to increase sales and enhance their customers’ experience.

Achieved a 150% Increase in Storage Capacity 

With a centralized warehouse management strategy, AGL combines two storage systems into a single warehouse to achieve a semi-automated warehouse operation process that not only increases their SKU storage from 3,000 to over 7,000 units, but also improves their order picking accuracy, hence achieving a faster order fulfillment process.

Seamless Integration of Manual and Semi-Automatic Storage Systems

AGL chose the SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules to store smaller inventories for their e-commerce customers, and a 6-tier mezzanine storage system for bigger and bulkier inventories that’s meant for wholesale distribution. Standing at 22.5 m high, the SSI LOGIMAT® is compact and well-designed to fully optimize the vertical space of the warehouse. Using a plug-and-play concept, the SSI LOGIMAT® structure was installed without any special reinforcement (building wall support), an easy-to-deploy solution anywhere in the warehouse.

Achieved Error-Free Picking Through the Goods-to-Person Principle

When an order is received, the order picker can locate the goods easily using the LCD touch panel connected to the SSI LOGIMAT®. The PLC retrieves the correct tray of SKUs in sequence for processing. Using the LogiPointer (an optical laser) to identify the correct SKU in the 4-meter-wide tray, the picker can visually identify the item quickly. With storage and picking in a single system combined with the goods-to-person principle, the picking process is made with no margin for error.

Ms.Kwanjai Pitayanukul

First Step Towards Automation

“AGL has the vision to bring innovation into packaging business. Together with SSI SCHAEFER unique product and software solutions, AGL is able to increase performance of warehouse activities and enhance labor performance in process, picking accuracy in less time. “

Ms.Kwanjai Pitayanukul
Managing Director
Angel Beauty Supply


A semi-automated solution to assist AGL in their first step towards future-proofing their warehouse operations.

Project Goals:

  • Centralize warehouse distribution for better management

  • Optimize warehouse activities performance with an innovative solution

  • Increase storage capacity from 3,000 SKUs to 7,500 SKUs

  • Improve picking accuracy and efficiency

  • Integrate ergonomic design into storage and picking solutions


Brochure Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT®

Brochure Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT®

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Brochure SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module Options

All vertical lift module options are available individually.
This allows you to flexibly configure your SSI LOGIMAT® according
to your requirements and wishes.

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Case Study Angel Beauty Supply, Thailand

Optimal usage of storage space while improving the order fulfillment process for the cosmetic sector.

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