Automated Guided Vehicle 2Store

AGV 2Store®

The 2Store® auto-guided transport system automatically handles heavy loads at great heights

The highest expertise in great heights

The 2Store® auto-guided transport system (AGV) can move loads of up to 2 tonnes. It features a maximum lifting height of 10 meters, making it suitable for working in warehouses, distribution centers, and production environments which require handling heavy loads on high racks levels.

Transporting heavy-duty pallets and other loads such as drums, rolls, and boxes is no problem at all for 2Store®, thanks to its diverse range of load handling devices (clamps and grippers). The excellent stability, maneuverability, and control system make the AGV the ideal vehicle for storage and retrieval in storage systems with narrow aisles.

A fleet controller manages and optimizes all transport orders. The system can receive the orders from every warehouse management system. You retain perfect control of your logistics operations with software solutions from SSI SCHAEFER.

  • Automated handling of heavy loads (heavy-duty pallets, drums, rolls, and boxes)

  • Flexible and scalable automation of intra-company material flows

  • Optimum adaptation to dynamic market requirements

  • Easy integration and low requirements for the (IT) infrastructure

  • The greatest flexibility in terms of system adaptation and expansion

  • Barrier-free networking of different work areas

  • High availability

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