Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Two models, numerous options

2Move® from SSI SCHAEFER’s available in two models, each with different advantages. The 2Move® f2f (floor-to-floor) series is especially designed for transporting Euro pallets and roll containers at floor level. The vehicles are available with forks of different lengths, enabling them to simultaneously pick up and transport multiple load carriers.

The 2Move® c2c (conveyor-to-conveyor) is equipped with a roller or chain conveyor for automated transfer processes. This ensures high speed when transferring loads between the AGV and the conveying system’s supply and delivery points. In addition, the 2Move® c2c enables the optimum connection of end of line equipment (such as robot connections, foil wrappers, palletizers, and quality checks) and a diverse range of work stations as well as the fully automated goods distribution to shipping or route conveyors.