Pallet Conveying System at Schaeffler

Benefits at a glance

  • Transport goods up to a width of 1.6 meters

  • Goods transport with and without load carriers, enabling one conveyor for everything

  • Recyclable load carriers

  • High flexibility

  • Robust construction

  • Modular design and high standardization

  • No need to return empty pallets, reducing handling work

  • Ground-level delivery station accessible using manual pallet trucks and forklifts

  • Significantly enhances cargo space usage when transporting goods by truck

  • Minimal bending of the goods on the conveyors

  • Reduced costs due to synergy effects

  • High throughput

  • User-friendly

  • Contour and weight checking to prevent damage to the goods and the system

  • Safety: Start/stop light barriers

  • Maintenance and service-friendly components

  • Comprehensive support