Piece Picking Robot

Piece Picking with Robots

Market trends such as omni-channel distribution, batch size 1, ever shorter order lead times and delivery cycles, as well as the handling of an ever increasing variety of product ranges place high demands on intralogistics.
For picking, this means a change from case-based picking to piece picking.

Users are faced with a lower unit volume, lower turnover and at the same time higher handling costs.

For these tasks, SSI SCHAEFER offers you standardized piece picking applications and combines robotics with various conveyor systems to create intelligent overall systems. These solutions cover the requirements of the most diverse order structures and can be used across all industries.

In recent years, robots have positioned themselves as supporting technologies for stationary and networked tasks in intralogistics and are increasingly taking on picking tasks that support employees – for example in the areas of production, assembly or intralogistics. Automatic and semi-automatic solutions focus on increasing efficiency and ergonomically relieving the strain on people.

Our robots for piece picking in the small parts area where the picking is done from storage bins and cartons can be seamlessly integrated into your storage system. Here too, the main element is also the WAMAS® Vision software module, which enables reliable and error-free identification of the individual pieces to be picked.



The intelligent robotics application from SSI SCHAEFER guarantees freedom from errors and thus maximum process reliability in single-item picking - without any loss of performance. Because with 900 picks per hour, the solution enables the highest performance available on the market with 100 percent product verification at the same time. By combining technologies and AI, unprecedented picking quality can be achieved.


Standardized Piece Picking Applications

Benefits at a Glance

  • 24/7-operation possible

  • Low operating costs over the long term

  • Error-free picking

  • Fewer complaints with the use of automatic product scanning for serial number checks or order checks

  • High functional reliability and efficiency

  • Integration into existing layer architecture possible

  • High dynamics

  • Reducing operational costs (TCO)

  • Constant services: independent of product size and weight, working times, ambient conditions or ergonomical requirements


Markus Külken about robotics solutions at SSI SCHAEFER: How do man and machine work together? What advantages do users benefit from? What types of robotics applications are there?


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