SSI Rowa

The SSI Rowa storage and picking system is the central conveyor solution for pharmaceutical distribution

Logistics solutions in the pharmaceutical industry require a high level of reliability and flexibility. The SSI Rowa storage and picking system from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution and provides high storage density, automatic storage, and rapid picking with a high order throughput.

In collaboration with our partner BD Rowa® Technologies we have developed a combination consisting of two or more Rowa Vmax® systems and a central conveyor solution. This can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of a warehouse and positively influence the ROI. The central conveyor optimizes the order buffering. The part orders are merged on the central conveyor and delivered to a filling point in containers. As a result, the central conveyor solution provides rapid picking and a high throughput at the filling point.

In order to pick the packages from the Rowa Vmax® included in the order to the containers, the container moves past a scanner at the start of the job. This guarantees clear identification and assignment. The WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER distributes the orders to the corresponding Rowa Vmax® systems. The Rowa Vmax® then outputs the products via a system of flaps into the collection trays mounted on the sides. The articles are initially buffered there and transferred to the central conveyor as needed. From here they are delivered to the containers via a filling point. The container is subsequently moved to the corresponding picking areas (manual pricking, A-Frame, etc.) for further processing.


The SSI Rowa Order Buffer is another solution which we have developed in close cooperation with our customers. The system buffers and fills containers of different heights in the smallest space. As a result, it provides outstandingly efficient picking and a high throughput at the filling point.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Space-saving: buffering and filling in the smallest possible space

  • Parallel arrangement for short installation space

  • Picking with different container sizes

  • 1 picking axis per Rowa Vmax®

  • High throughput at the filling point

  • Reliable reduction of the single point of failure (SPoF)

  • 14 buckets for pre-picking orders

  • One central conveyor, one shared filling point

  • Primarily used in healthcare and cosmetics

  • Innovative, patented goods storage: Enables storage and picking of cubic, around packaged articles along with pharmaceuticals and cooled articles

  • Up to 700 orders/h

  • Modular and scalable

  • Up to 2 picking axes in one Rowa Vmax®

  • Low influence on the length of the picking performance

  • Ideal in combination with an A-Frame

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