Person-to-goods wave pick: Picking of hanging garments with RFID scanner

pick@work enhances the quality of assembly work

Demanding assembly jobs are always subject to economic factors. SSI SCHAEFER’s pick@work expands the E-Pick solution and is configured via additional software on the touch panel. The pick@work technology helps you to optimize work processes, enhance efficiency, and improve quality standards. At the same time, the solution takes into account ergonomic aspects to protect your employees’ health.

The light-controlled assembly system maximizes performance at manual assembly work stations. Procedural guidelines and integrated assembly instructions optimize your procedures.

This system’s innovation consists of linking ergonomic work stations with Pick by Light and guides the user through the assembly process step-by-step with the help of an instruction display. The employees select the orders via the display and the storage locations then light up in the correct assembly sequence. The system’s images and drawings display the assembly steps in the correct sequence, guiding the employees through the work process. This illustrates the complexity of the procedure, minimizing the number of errors and safeguarding the quality.