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Storage refers to parking goods for a limited period of time. SSI SCHAEFER offers you exactly the right solution, regardless of whether you store Euro containers, large load carriers or pallets. We are your one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions ranging from pallet racks and containers to miniload systems and dynamic storage-retrieval machines or shuttle systems.



Pallet rack with cartons on euro pallets

Pallet storage/large load carriers

  • Pallet racks: high quality, flexible and robust

  • Mobile pallet racks are flexible shelving systems for especially heavy loads

  • Pallet dynamic flow racks provide clever storage using the FIFO principle

  • Channel storage systems are ideal for a small range of items with large volumes

  • High bay warehouses offer even more storage capacity and optimum space usage

  • Storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems for pallets enable fully automatic pallet handling

LTB container- storage and transport container

Euro containers

  • Container systems provide the right container for every application

  • Engineered packaging guarantees excellent protection for your products

  • SRM and shuttle systems for containers, cartons and trays enable dynamic material transport

  • Miniload systems serve as space-saving shelving systems for storing small parts

Furthermore, our product portfolio also includes shelf and storage platforms. You can choose freestanding platforms (mezzanine floors) or platforms and integrated walkways supported by shelving systems (multi-tier shelving). These solutions enable you to make optimum use of the available space and the design options are almost unlimited.

Our in-house production expertise makes us independent of the commonly-used market solutions. SSI SCHAEFER develops innovative products and customized solutions that enable you to efficiently organize your goods for storage and transport. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for every solution. We are happy to advise you and assist with finding the correct storage solution for your logistics requirements.

Modular Shelving Systems
  • Optimized storage capacity/storage area

  • Efficiency-enhancing solutions

  • High flexibility, quality and modularity

  • Extensive product range including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems

  • Broad range of accessories

  • Economical - thanks to the excellent value for money

  • Unique and innovative solutions achieved by combining standardized systems and components

  • The right storage type/load carrier, storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems for your specific requirements

  • Extensive experience and comprehensive expertise

Pallet Racking


Pallet Rack Systems

LTB container- storage and transport container


Small Load Carriers




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