Mobile shelf for tires

Tire storage with the EMX mobile rack

Efficient and space saving rim and tire storage workshops or warehouses

Tire storage is efficient if it is optimally designed for the conditions on site. Benefit from the space-saving, flexible, and safe EMX mobile rack from SSI SCHAEFER.

SSI SCHAEFER mobile racks for rims and tires include conventional tire and cantilever racks mounted on carriages which can be moved parallel to each other using a motor drive. The rack moves on rails and only the necessary aisle is opened. The space, which is saved in the workshop or the warehouse, increases the efficiency of your system.

SSI SCHAEFER mobile racks can be operated via a control panel on a moving carriage or, optionally, via remote control. The storage and retrieval is carried out by selecting the desired movement function which automatically moves the carriage in the desired direction.

The EMX mobile rack from SSI SCHAEFER enables you to store your customers’ tires correctly, reliably and always accessible.

Comprehensive support

We are happy to advise you about the best type of tire storage for your business model and premises. If you wish to optimize your warehouse organization, you can also reduce your space requirements by up to 50% with the storage locator system from SSI SCHAEFER. We implement customized and, above all, safe and functional systems with the highest efficiency.


  • Storage capacity to almost twice the height as a static storage solution with the same area

  • All rim and tire sizes up to a diameter of 800 mm can be stored

  • Storage of wheels with spikes is possible

  • Compliant with occupational safety regulations as the, in some cases, heavy assembled wheels may not be lifted manually

  • Mobile carriage enables wheel stacks to be quickly stored and retrieved from the ground using a forklift

  • Reduced operating and real estate costs thanks to the system’s outstanding space utilization

  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC

  • Carriage loads up to 50 t, carriage length up to 50 m

  • Modular design options

  • High flexibility, quality, and durability

  • Diverse range of combinations

  • Comprehensive support


Brochure Mobile Racking

Brochure Mobile Racking

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