SSI Flexi Shuttle

Innovative technology

The standard SSI Carousel consists of four rotating carousels, each with a decoupled automatic loading and unloading unit. The dense and space-saving shelf accomodation enables a capacity of up to 6,000 containers for a standard system with four carousels.

Each system module is essentially an automated miniload system (AMS) based around the standard container. The available containers

are manufactured in-house and can be divided into 8 different compartments. The containers also have a capacity of up to 25 kilograms. The storage locations are accessed by fully automated lifts with load handling devices.

Vertical and horizontal conveyor paths transport the containers to the storage locations in the four aisles and transfer them to the circulation-system’s integrated conveyor loop. This loop moves the containers to the picking locations. The resulting decoupling of the movements doubles the performance of the lift-up alone in comparison to conventional intralogistics systems. In addition, replenishment procedures can be integrated seamlessly into the picking process without diminishing performance.