Multi-Level Shuttle Navette

SSI Navette multi-level shuttle

The flexible multi-level SSI Navette shuttle system from SSI SCHAEFER is the solution for efficient storage and sequenced picking of trays, containers, and cartons in fully automated warehouses.

The SSI Navette vehicle is guided on one level via the steel construction of the automated miniload system (AMS) via driving and supporting rails. The two vertically arranged double-deep load handling devices enable the SSI Navette to transport on two storage levels and with four transport units simultaneously. As a result, the SSI Navette excels through dual-action handling, in comparison to single-level shuttles. This minimizes travel times and doubles your process efficiency.

The integrated lift drive allows access to up to eight storage levels per driving level. The SSI Navette lifts serve as the link between conveying systems and the individual SSI Navette driving levels. The number and layout within the storage aisle can be freely configured. Arranging multiple shuttles one above the other enables warehouses to be flexibly configured to a maximum height of 24 meters.

Exact scalability with maximum availability
The SSI Navette multi-level shuttle system enables you to access a vast range of articles in storage aisles, using adjustable-width load handling devices. As a consequence, the solution can store and retrieve load carriers with maximum dimensions of up to 850 x 650 x 560 millimeters and a maximum weight of 50 kilograms. At the same time, the modular SSI Navette system can also be perfectly tailored to your exact order volumes, your required throughput as well as your individual article structure.

The decoupled system components can be flexibly configured, expanded, replaced, and renewed thanks to the maintenance-friendly, unrestricted access while the system is in operation. The proven SSI Navette system is distinguished by maximum availability and higher process efficiency and flexibility. This makes it the ideal solution for e-commerce.


Enhanced efficiency for fully automated miniload systems.

The flexible multi-level SSI Navette shuttle system from SSI SCHAEFER

The SSI Navette multi-level shuttle system enables you to access a vast range of articles in storage aisles, using adjustable-width load handling devices.


In addition to the automated miniload system, the SSI Navette can also be combined with SSI SCHAEFER’s revolutionary and patented 3D-MATRIX Solution® to achieve even greater efficiency.

Together with the SSI Navette multi-level shuttle on the x axis, the SSI Navette lift and conveying systems are utilized on the y and z axes. The SSI Navette system components utilized for the storage system are designed to function perfectly together thanks to consistently parallel and independent operation. Decoupled transfer spaces in the steel construction serve as a buffer between multiple SSI Navette vehicles and SSI Navette lifts, each with individual access to the load carriers. This enables sequenced retrieval of any desired number of work stations connected via conveying systems along with load-optimized storage.

This results in highly dynamic and efficient goods-to-person picking, storage, and buffering as well as individual sequencing - all in one system. The retrieved goods are supplied exclusively to the allocated packing and shipping work stations.

  • Twice the process efficiency through dual-action processes with minimized moving times

  • Integrated sequencing through decoupled transfer between SSI Navette vehicles and lifts

  • Tailored warehouse configuration due to the scalable quantity and layout of SSI Navette vehicles, driving levels and lifts up to a maximum height of 24 m

  • Flexible and optimized connection to work stations using the 3D-MATRIX Solution®

  • Handling and access to the broadest spectrum of items on one driving level

  • Reliably expandable investment thanks to modular and decoupled components

  • Internationally proven storage system with maximum product availability

  • Energy efficiency due to multi-level shuttle technology


SSI SCHAEFER has implemented a highly dynamic Navette warehouse in accordance with the 3D-MATRIX Solution® for Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG as a general contractor. A system design with maximum flexibility and extensibility in mind, 120,000 bin storage locations and the use of 42 innovative Navette shuttles have increased efficiency at Karl Storz by more than 20 percent compared to conventional system concepts.



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