Work Station

One concept and many winners

SSI SCHAEFER’s ergonomics@work!® not only benefits your company but also your employees and customers.

Benefits for your employees
Improved motivation, better working atmosphere. Unnecessary effort, health damage, and possible symptoms of fatigue are prevented by adapting the work station to your employees. The same applies to the procedures.

Benefits for your employees
Faster processing and fewer errors by optimizing the work stations, especially for incoming goods.

Benefits for your company
Your costs are reduced, downtime and errors are minimized. In contrast, the employees’ productivity increases as a result of fewer symptoms of fatigue, for example.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Improved productivity and quality

  • Reduced physical strain, enhanced sense of well-being for employees

  • Proven practicality

  • Significant cost benefits

  • Reduces unproductive activities

  • Reduces the number of errors

  • Reduced cycle times

  • Prevents health damage

  • Minimizes illness/health problems.